In every way

Edgar Allan Poe once said the best things in life make you sweaty. Today must've been a best thing.

Shores & losses

But I have learned that you make your own happiness, that part of going for what you want means losing something else. And when the stakes are high, the losses can be that much greater.

Emily Griffin, Something Borrowed


I recently learned about the significance of key light and fill light for great photography production. Who knew a sunset and the right location could leave me with no better equipment than just my camera, which admittedly I’m still trying to figure out how to use properly. Any tips? Right now seems like just about the best situation I could’ve hoped for after a gruesome week of finals and a rather blissfully successful conclusion to my winter term - unprimped,unscheduled, and undressed. TMI?

40 degrees

Where the sun shines brighter and the nights set more colorful. Per invitation, I spent a few days filling up on samples at the farmers market, sweating next to the fire pit in near 40° weather, and realizing I have quite the handle on billiards.

Mr. Mister

And where have you been, mister. I’ve been here, and around, long enough for me to realize whatever I was blogging about prior to this re-launch was a rather garble of a checklist of topics I was waiting to write about for whoever was remotely interested in reading. Cue literature professor R**** hurtling toward the whiteboard, all too routinely prepared to scrawl in unnecessarily mammoth letters: GO ON, DON’T RUN ON.

Let this reference be a testament to actually having remembered such an obnoxious restraint.

Anyway. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, you’ll see me in jeans and yet again the same university sweatshirt. On this combo I rest 90% assurance that professors genuinely don’t care or even notice what you look like when you show up for their instruction - so why bother. In an effort to compensate for the doubt that settles the remaining 10%, I physically and mentally prepare myself for the day after tomorrow - the day I have to convince myself that taming my hair and throwing on a decent outfit will get me an A in comparative literature.

Now that I’m free of unlikely judgmental professors, squats, and overly candid leans, I’m relinquishing myself of these clothes and slipping into something a little more yesterday.

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